Prayer Night Sharing (Vision – Oct. 9, 2021) by Pastor Joel Capio

There are many unbelievers lifting up their eyes to the heavens searching for the One who created them. There are many souls with different kinds of bondages in their bodies: some are clothed with darkness, different garments, some are cloth with dirty garments, but they are lifting up their eyes and hands to the One who is God…salvation, salvation is at hand, salvation is at hand, salvation is at hand! 

And I see those tearful eyes full of love, embracing those dirty souls and making it clean. Salvation is so near! And there many angels shouting, “Salvation is so near! Salvation is so near!” They are moving their wings going west, north, south, east and west, telling and shouting, “Salvation is so near! Those dirty garments will be white as snow!” 


The Grace abounds, it’s pouring out like manna, and I hear the Lord saying, “This is the Last Day of the pouring out of My Grace.” It looks like a fog from heaven, like manna, grace will be poured out and judgment will come.

The Lord is encouraging every believer to stand firm, to stand on their feet, to be the vessel of grace of God. The servants of God are like big jars, vessels receiving God’s grace.

The Glory of God will shine upon every soul, every new believer. They will talk about Jesus night and day, NIGHT AND DAY! The fire of the Lord is like a wildfire, in every place there is a wildfire. After the Great Harvest there will be Revival. You will see with your eyes that the revival is like a wildfire moving and moving and moving and moving. From the tip of your soul you will experience THE GREAT REVIVAL OF GOD.

The name of the Lord is Jehovah Nissi bannering In every place. THIS IS A GREAT TRIUMPH OF THE LION OF JUDAH! THIS IS A GREAT TRIUMPH OF THE LION OF JUDAH!



Great God, that vision will come to pass. Souls will be saved, there will be salvation for every soul pleading for God. Jesus, You are so eager Lord, because many are deceived. Your presence is working, Your angels are working from different parts of the world to save souls. Right now I declare, SOULS BE SAVED! SOULS BE SAVED! SOULS BE SAVED! In the name of Jesus. The blood of Jesus washes away the sins of men. And salvation will come, salvation will come, trumpeting the gospel everywhere, everywhere, here and there. Jesus, souls are crying, souls are crying. I pray in the name of Jesus, Your grace to abound to your people. Let your servants receive the manna falling from heaven, like a fog everywhere, let us be like big vessels to receive the grace of God so unbelievers will receive that grace as well. 

God, I pray in the name of Jesus, let your mercy and grace be upon those people. Let Your work be done. Our hearts are pleading, “Use us, use every soul right now, use every servant, use Your remnant. Make us ready for the Great Harvest and Revival and use us to spread the wildfire everywhere in Jesus Holy Name.”

Brethren I encourage you to pray for the lost souls to be saved! Jesus, full of love extending His hands to the lost souls, is so eager to save them!

(Our church then continued praying powerfully in tongues of fire as the Great God destroyed the Jericho wall, where trembling happened, deliverance coming for His people. The presence of God was so strong, the fire was so strong, Jesus wants to save all souls, He hears all the souls pleading for Him! Please share this and pray for the lost souls, they are in the heart of God.)

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