Meet Jesus’ End-time Army!

We are Jesus’ End-time army of warrior brides, walking together in love, unity, and humility! We are a church most blessed by the Lord, a Spirit-filled and prayerful warrior army, and we daily walk with the Real Jesus.

Our church was founded in the USA in 2004 by Rev. Christine Coleman, a Rwandan holocaust survivor who leads a powerful ministry of Blazing Holy Fire, and is used by the Lord to be His mouthpiece for human rights and religious freedom. The BHF Church started as a Spirit-filled prayerful Body and grew to be a powerful Fire ministry where the Gates of Hell do not prevail! 

In the Philippines, BHF started as an online ministry in 2016 and grew to be a powerful Body which raises up mighty warriors throughout the Philippines.

Today the Blazing Holy Fire Philippines, under the leadership of Pastor Joel Capio and Pastor Jessy Capio, together with God’s mighty warriors, is being used by the Lord to bring real encounters with Jesus and spread the Fire in the Philippines. The Lord promised us to open the Heavens and bring souls to the Kingdom wherever our feet step on!

Meet Pastor Christine

Founder & Head Pastor, Blazing Holy Fire Ministries

Christine Uwizera Coleman is the founder of Blazing Holy Fire Ministries which is located in Colorado, USA. She is also a revivalist, author, human rights activist, and freedom fighter. In her early years in Rwanda, Pastor Christine survived the Rwanda Holocaust who took the lives of her family members and led her to her encounter with Jesus. She authored ‘The Blazing Holy Fire’, ‘Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death’, and ‘SOS Rwanda’. Today, Pastor Christine is married to Michael Coleman and has a son named Christian Coleman.  

Meet Pastor Joel

Head Pastor, Blazing Holy Fire Philippines

Joel Patagan Capio is the head pastor of Blazing Holy Fire Philippines. Having grown up in a difficult background in the Philippines, Pastor Joel encountered the Lord at age 14 and received His calling to be a pastor to carry the Fire of God to the Philippines. Pastor Joel had been serving the Lord in various Philippines churches and missions, reaching the poor and needy with the Gospel of Jesus, before being called to the Blazing Holy Fire. Together with Pastor Jessy, he leads the BHF Philippines church and raises up mighty end-time warriors and fire carriers in the Philippines and around the world.

Meet Pastor Jessy

Lead Pastor, Blazing Holy Fire Philippines & Thailand

Jessy Capio is a native Thai-Chinese who has been called by the Lord to serve in the Blazing Holy Fire Philippines. In 2011, Jesus encountered her when she was a Buddhist and through His mighty saving power, delivered her from darkness and raised her up to be a mighty warrior. In 2015, the Lord miraculously introduced Pastor Jessy to Pastor Christine of BHF Ministries after a dream of being called into the fire ministry. She was raised by BHF USA where she was trained as a pastor and launched into international ministries including in the Philippines, where she met and got married to Pastor Joel. Together they are raising up End-time warriors and fire carriers in the Philippines and around the world.

Today Blazing Holy Fire Philippines consists of the Body of warrior Brides in NCR, Calabarzon, Rizal, Southern Luzon, and all over the Philippines! Join Jesus’ Army today!

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