[Testimony] Rosh Hashanah, Wedding Day with the Bridegroom King

September, 2019

The Wedding of the King

Rosh Hashanah marks a new beginning of the Jewish calendar. The celebration of the special Holy feast was first introduced to our Blazing Holy Fire Church in 2013. In a face-to-face encounter, the Lord Himself explained to us the significance of the special day. “Rosh Hashanah is My wedding day,” He explained. On September 6, 2013, as 12 prayer warrior of the Blazing Holy Fire stood before the Lord to vow their commitments to Him as His Brides, their lives were forever changed. The love commitment exchanged between the Brides and Jesus brought them to a new level of relationship with Him. Jesus stood at the altar and spoke His vows back to each of His Brides. Then, He did something extraordinary. He asked them to give their hearts to Him, and in return, He placed His own Heart in their chests. He declared to each,

“From now on,
The heart that beats in you is not your own anymore
It is My heartIt will beat for Me and for Me alone”

The Heart that was beating inside of them is no longer their own – but that of the Bridegroom King!

Rosh Hashanah 2019 – The Philippines

We continued the special tradition since then. Each year, new brides came to the Lord to start their lifelong commitments, and the ones who have already been brides renew their vows with Him.

The atmosphere of love filled the air during this special feast. We could feel Holy intimacy and our hearts were welling up with love for the Bridegroom King!

This year, we held a joint Rosh Hashanah service with a beloved local church in Mindoro, Philippines. Together we spent 3 nights in the celebration with one heart united by the Love of the Bridegroom King Jesus.

To many, it was the first time to ever celebrate the wedding night. By the end of the 3 nights, all lives were forever changed!

The Love Commitment

Many are in a relationship with the Lord Jesus. However, the depth of the relationship varies. Just like how in the world, the relationship between a man and a woman has different levels – from acquaintance, to courtship, to marriage – the relationship between the Lord Jesus and us also carries different levels. To some, He is a friend or a brother. To some, the relationship is deepening. To some, He is an intimate Bridegroom…

The wedding between the Lord Jesus Christ and the Brides need not to wait till we get to Heaven! The eternal intimate relationship can start here on earth and last till eternity! Are you ready to commit to the Lord – for better, for worse?

Preparation for the Wedding – Day Before the Vows

We gathered together on the night of September 28. The Lord, the Bridegroom King, Himself could barely contain His joy and excitement! He came in our midst! We could feel the vibration of His Holy Presence and Holy Love filling the air and could barely contain our hearts which were bursting with joy!

With a congregation of members from different churches united as one for Jesus, we started the night with a powerful Spirit-filled pre-service prayers. As the prayer started, the Lord was walking in our midst while we were sending our prayers up to Heaven under the atmosphere of an opened heaven. He began touching each of us one by one as we were crying out to Him. Soon the whole church broke into loud cries, laughters, and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Our physical bodies and hearts could barely comprehend the Heavenly touches! As a pastor, I was even afraid to end our pre-service prayer in order to start the actual service itself! None of us wanted the moment to end!

As I stood up to preach, the Lord Himself was standing by my side and was delivering words through my lips. People started to cry and broke into tears as He was delivering His invitation to a deeper intimate relationship. That night, He told us who He really is, His character, His love, and ushered the church into the celebration of the Jewish Rosh Hashanah.

During the time of importations, the Lord had some special gifts to the pastors in our midst. Several pastors from different churches were present. The Lord called them forward and gave each of them special gifts and messages. The Lord loves pastors!! Pastors hold a special place in His Heart!
Afterwards, the congregation members were called forth to receive His touch. There were great breakthroughs and shifts in the spirit that took place that night.

This was just the beginning!

The Vows – Wedding Night of the King & His Brides

On Sunday, September 29, 2019, we held a vow exchange service – the Wedding Day! Each brides-to-be walked down the aisle with Father God (as an earthly bride would walk down the aisle with her father). Tears were rolling down the Brides’ faces as they were holding Father God’s Arm, walking down the aisle. Each could literally feel His loving Presence in his/her arm. There was a vibration of His Holy Presence that could be sensed even to the very depth of the soul!

The Lord appeared in our midst and delivered His wedding message. Then, one by one, each bride stood before the altar and read his/her vows before the Bridegroom King. The vows were from the bottom of the hearts, written and spoken with so much love and tears. Each couldn’t hold back the love inside!

Each bride couldn’t hold back the tears while listening to words delivered from the depth of the Heart of the Savior! Many broke down into sobbing… our little human hearts could barely contain such Love!!

Here is one of the vows:

Vows of Sister M to Jesus

“Abba Daddy, my Holy, Awesome, Mighty and Wonderful, Loving, Just God:

Thank You for Your patience, that leads me and Your people to salvation.  
Thank you for putting me from the kingdom of darkness to Your Kingdom of Light.
Thank You for adopting me as Your daughter.
Thank You for flooding my heart with Your grace, mercy, and Love.
Thank You for drawing me nearer and nearer to Your beautiful Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.   

In everything that You have given, it was all from Your love and grace.  

Abba Daddy, I Love You! 💖

Thank You for this eternal opportunity to love You, be taught by You, and know You as my God and most of all, as my Father.

To my beautiful Saviour and Bridegroom, the chiefest among ten thousands, to my Beloved, Jesus:

A heart that loves unfailingly, I vow to love You, too, as how You love me: to love You with all my heart, soul, strength, and mind.

In this journey of life, You’ve taught me a lot of things by experiencing them with You. Now I can really say and mean it: I am in a personal relationship with my Saviour. 

Every new year, You’ve led me to discover and learn new depths of You.

You safely exposed and healed the wounds and pains in my heart. I take pride in presenting myself to You as how I created myself to be, but that, was in the past. Now, I am humbled, discovering the meaning of Your grace everyday. Learning that I am really nothing, I could never amount to something on my own, and everything I once had I now count as lost.

Nothing can compare to You. 
You are indescribable.

You’ve been faithful, my Jesus, to love me in testings, trials, or periods of rests. You never left nor forsake me. And I vow to never leave You as well in every circumstances of this life.

You’ve seen the beauty from ashes. You’ve turned broken to beautiful. You shone light in every darkness. Not just in my life, but for Your beloved people around me as well. 

I could not express how much I am grateful for You, my God, my Saviour, my Creator, my Jesus. Life has been most beautiful with You. And Life is more enjoyable with You. Thank You for the people You draw me to.

Jesus, I long to be one with You. And this desire is what You have awakened in my heart, I just know I am created to love You. And I long for this to come to pass.

My Beloved, Jesus, from the depths of my heart and soul, I love You.

From your beloved princess,

Jesus’ Vows Back to Sister M

“To My beautiful Princess, my young Bride, the one who captivates the Heart of the Bridegroom King

My Heart beats for joy every time you lift up your eyes to see Me. Every time you sing your songs of love and delight, lifting up your sweet little voice calling upon Me, showering Me with your words of love, telling Me how much you love Me and long for Me…. My Heart is moved by you, my Bride.

You are My little Bride, the one who captivates My Heart. You are My delight, my beautiful garden that spreads the Fragrance of Love, the Presence of the Bridegroom King.

My young Bride, you carry so much joy!

Your little smiles radiate the joy of Heaven!
Your little laughters carry the love and delight of the King!
You are My Heaven to be witnessed by the people in the world…

Continue to run for Me, my Love. You are My fighter!
You always stand up for Me and fight My battles, When it seems hard and seems you are you are all alone,
I hear You calling unto Me, telling Me every little secret, whispering words in My Ears…
There were so many moments we have cherished together, My young Bride… so much fun and laughters! So much joy! Like a Husband and wife, my Little Bride always abides with Me… I cherish each moment I spend together with you.
When you call upon Me, sharing with Me your tears, I hold You closely to My Heart, never letting You go! I will always stand for you and protect you, My little Bride – and forever till eternity I will continue to be with you.

Your ministry of love and your service delight My Heart and mean so much to Me.
Every time you go out and love My people, representing Me, they see the Image of Me in you, a Light in darkness.
The harvest will be great!
And as you continue to walk with Me, many more others will be saved.

Many victories I have given you…
Many fights we have won together
And more more to come!! Rejoice, My Love!

Continue to run with Me, My Love, My Bride,
I love You, my little Bride, more than you will ever know!

– Your Bridegroom King, Jesus”

13 brides were married to the Lord in that night! Their lives would never be the same again as they had entered into a new covenant relationship with the King!!

After the vows, we entered into a joyful celebration with dancing! Heaven is a place full of joy!! JOY is Heaven’s culture! In His Presence, there is fullness of joy.

The Wedding Continued

On September 30, the brides went together and spent a day of “honeymoon” with Jesus! We went to a beautiful natural fall in Mindoro, had a wonderful time swimming in chilling clear water, enjoying the fellowship!

At night, we gathered once again to celebrate another wedding of a brother who couldn’t make it on the previous night because of being on the Lord’s duty. The Lord was so loving that He showed up just to exchange His vows with the brother alone! We threw another wedding party for Him! It was another day of deep holy intimacy!

Then we continued with night prayer and worship service. Many breakthroughs took place! Remember, prayer is the bride that join the relationship between us and God together! Prayer is the key!!

Powerful Moves of God in Sunday Services

During a Sunday service on September 29, the Lord delivered His special message to the youth in the congregation. He called the youth to repent and forsake sinful ways. When the altar call was made, the Spirit of God moved in our midst. The youth rent their hearts and broke into loud cries before the Lord. As the Spirit of repentance invaded the room, deliverance began to take place. Afterwards, Abba Father came and stood in our midst. He began to touch those who did not know a father figure growing up and healed their hearts. With His own Hands, He stitched the holes in the hearts of many who were wounded by the absence of an earthly father and made them whole! We belong to the Father – no longer orphans!!

On the following Sunday, the Lord used me to minister at another church in Quezon City. There was a great move of God in our midst. He was calling the children back to the fathers. There were great repentance and healing moves of God!

Prayer Trainings

Receiving such mighty touches from God cannot stand by itself. To sustain what have been given, one needs to continue in a life devoted to Spirit-filled prayers!

From 28 September to 7 October, we held night prayer services. The Church must be trained to pray right! Our prayers did not last just an hour…. but we ended after midnight, or the following day’s early morning!
We trained people how to pray powerfully and open the heavens, wage warfares in the Spirit, and fight the Lord’s battles! The youth in our midst stuck with us through our night prayers and the Lord transformed them into His mighty army of spiritual warriors!

This Is Just A Beginning

The Lord is in the business of ushering His Church into a deeper depth with Him! There is so much more to be done in preparing the Brides for the Coming of Christ. So much works to be done!

Get ready, Brides!
You are called to go deeper with the Bridegroom King!

Together He is raising an army of warrior brides who will join Him in the mighty

End-time harvest! “And the Spirit and the Bride says, “Come”.” (Revelation 22:17)

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